Bonnets Around the World

Our traditional, woollen, Stewarton Bonnet, (or Bunnet as it is colloquially known) with its concentric, coloured circles, has been a recognised part of the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers uniform throughout the ages. The origins of the bonnet date back to the 16th Century and it continues to be a unique identifier for the Society and much admired when worn by club members on official occasions and competitions.

The archer who “Dings Doon The Doo” (i.e. hits the Papingo during the annual shoot) receives a rosette and this greatly coveted award can be seen proudly adorning the bonnets of those members who have been successful in doing this.

The ASKA Bonnet elicits great interest wherever it goes and club members have been delighted to show the bonnet and explain the history of the club to individuals in many parts of the world.
The photographs below record some of the areas in which the ASKA bonnet has surfaced.

(Above: The Great Wall of China, Badaling, Beijing)

(Above: Hong Kong Harbour from the deck of MS Queen Elizabeth.)

(Above: Tiananmen Square, Beiijing, People’s Republic of China.)

(Above: Terracotta Army, Xi’an, People’s Republic of China)